June 15, 2020




Elder Breshears

The Oracle

Greetings Earthlings,
(I am running out of exciting ways of starting letters if you can't tell)
This week was incredible. Eleven out of Eleven.
We have been teaching this lady for a couple of weeks now and she is getting really into the Book of Mormon ever since she learned that she had the option of listening to it. That alone is awesome but it gets better.
At the start of one of our lessons she started telling us all about this experience she had. There is an old woman that she knows who needed some help shopping. While she was helping her she told her about how she is learning about the Book of Mormon. This old lady then told her about how she reads the Book of Mormon also and had apparently been doing so for years. That also is awesome but it gets better.
The lady we are teaching says she calls the older lady Oracle all the time because the way she looks reminds her of the Oracle from the Matrix. She told us that once church opens up again she was going to bring Oracle with her so we can meet.
Long story short: somewhere out there is a old lady named Oracle who loves reading the Book of Mormon and I am determined to meet her.
Other things that have been happening. We have finally been given permission to have baptisms again. There are some strict rules about how many can be there and everything but they can happen so we are making some plans for Christopher. We are still in isolation but we still have been keeping busy. Our zone has started a missionary Facebook page for the stake and that is starting to get a little bit of momentum going. Each companionship is responsible for creating a certain number of posts every so many days and there are some cool live events every now and then as well like question and answer with the missionaries and such.
Well, I am kind of tired of my phone so this is all the letter you are going to be getting for now. Love y'all
Elder Warnick.

Tyler Goldeneyes (I took no pictures of myself this week.)


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