June 8, 2020




Elder Breshears

Crazy Days

It's okay everyone! I am alive. I realize I didn't exactly write last week.The reason for this is because a big chunk of our P-day was taken away because we had someone to pick up from the airport.

That's right. We are training! We got the news Sunday that we would be and learned Monday what time we were expected to be at the airport (about thirty minutes before we had to go) and we learned who we were training just after he got off the plane.

His name is Elder Nielson. He is from Lehi and is super cool. This is going to be a fun transfer.
That is the "big news" if you will but I kind off feel obligated to write a few other things just to make the letter a little longer because I made you all wait a little for it.
Life in New York is a little different lately. There was a manakin (I have no idea if that's spelled right) we saw that had a facemask on. It looked all nice with its outfit and matching facemask. I thought it was pretty funny.
Stuff is starting to open back up a little bit around here. It is funny because last week we were talking to a member and he mentioned how he was waiting to get his hair cut. He had called ahead and made an appointment for the soonest possible time... which turned out to be a little over two weeks away.
I think that this is a good amount of letter. Makes up for last week, this week and possibly next week. See you all later.
Elder Warnick.


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