April 20, 2020




Elder Breshears

Good Keeps Coming

1. President Pace is awesome.
Our stake president is kind of awesome. Our mission president mentioned that he really wanted to find a way to get the members around here more excited and involved. Later that day we got an email (along with everyone else in the stake) from President Pace of a video of him sharing an example of how to share the Gospel and invite someone to learn from missionaries. The video concludes with him inviting everyone in the stake to try it.
2. Christopher
Christopher is doing awesome. He had his baptismal interview this last week. He is totally ready to be baptized. His new baptismal date is: ASAP. (Because he has been taught everything, is living everything, and believes everything... He just can't be baptized right now)
3. First Facebook Find
We have been trying a lot of different ways to find people to teach through Facebook. We have had a few people show some interest but hadn't been able to start teaching anyone from it until just recently. Someone responded to an advertisement for a free Book of Mormon who lives nearby. We were able to walk over and drop it off on her porch with a card. The card had a small note and our number on it. Later that day we got a call and she was interested in hearing more about our message.
4. Mask Change
We got new, less threatening, masks. I got to say, I kind of like my new look.


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