March 16, 2020




Elder Breshears

Corona Crazy

Joshua Warnick
3:54 PM (30 minutes ago)
to me, Derek, Nathan, Tyler

This week was wild! Super cool though.
1. Food Storage
We got told out of the blue Thursday that we were supposed to go and buy a bunch of non perishable food and other necessities, enough for two weeks. The idea is that we should carry that food around with us as we go from area to area. It was actually a little funny because we got a list of ideas of food we could buy such as spaghetti sauce and noodles, tuna fish, canned soup, frozen chicken etc... and I read the list and realized that I already had all that because that was what I ate all the time anyways. Lol. Turns out it is good I had all that because the stores were cleared! It was wild to see all these empty shelves at Walmart.
2. The Work
The work is actually going really good. I was a little confused at first about why until I realized... Everybody is Home! A lot of people we have had a hard time seeing frequently or getting in contact with are all home all day because everything is closed. It is hilarious. Not quite sure how we are going to get them to church yet buuut I guess we will just figure that part out later.
Not a lot of time because I waited until the last minute to write so I will see y'all next week
Elder Warnick


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