January 20, 2020




Elder Breshears

Hump Day! Woohoo!

Hey everyone! It's been a crazy fun week for me. Highlights are as follows:
1. Zone Conference
We had Zone Conference this week. We spent most of the time talking about the new missionary handbook. Most of the changes in it have already been announced, such as calling home every week. There are a few changes that are going to be exciting for us however such as: We now get to check emails throughout the week (just check not respond), we are allowed to use headphones when calling home (I don't actually own any so that's not a huge change for me lol), and last but not least we get to do a district p- day activity once a transfer! We have officially started going by the new handbook as of the end of that conference.
2. Hump Day!
I hit my halfway mark this past week. My awesome family sent me a package for it. Super fun. Someone is messing with time. Hopefully the second half goes slower.
3. No writing or math or anything!
A lady we have been teaching for a bit finally made it to church. It was awesome. She brought two of her kids ages two and six. When the six year old was asked how she enjoyed primary she said, "I loved it. Can that be my school from now on? I didn't have to do any writing or math or anything!" They are so cool. Hopefully they keep coming.
Anyways I hope you all had as good of a week as me. Later.
Elder Warnick


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