December 30, 2019




Elder Breshears

A Very Merry Christmas

As the title suggests. I had a very merry Christmas. Breaking the whole week down it looked something like this.
1. Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve was a little fun. We had district counsel that day and some Christmas messages set up with members. Not a whole lot to tell to be honest. Might come back and delete this one if I am able to think up more exciting stuff to say about the rest of the week.
2. Christmas Day
Christmas day was super fun! I got to start it out calling home. Since I am a couple hours ahead I was able to get ready and drive to wifi in the morning and still catch them as they were waking up so I got to open gifts with them. After that we went and did service at this one soup kitchen and that's what we did most of the day. (Wish we could do that more often but apparently they only do it on Christmas and Thanksgiving) Loved it!
3. Everybody is sick
A lot of our lessons are getting canceled because Everyone Is Sick. It's going around the whole area right now. A lot of people (including the people we are teaching) couldn't make it to church because they were sick. Weird and a little frustrating. Oh well. Not really anything to do about it.
4. A Funny
#3 was a real downer and I didn't want to end on that so y'all get a joke with this letter. I used to be addicted to soap... It's okay though, I am clean now.

Elder Warnick

Ps:I am getting a little tired of letters so I think this one will be my last one until next year ;)


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