December 16, 2019




Elder Breshears

Party Every Day

This week was fun! Lots of stuff happened. Let me tell you all about it.
1. Snow
All we have gotten in terms of snow so far had been light dustings that didn't really stick long. This week we finally got a decent snow storm though. It made me super happy. We took a picture of it. Two days later though it rained a little and it got crazy slushy. It made me a little sad. No picture of that. We got a few dusting snows since so it's mostly okay again though.
2. Christmas Party
The branch Christmas party was Friday. It was awesome! A lot of the branch had invited friends and family and there was a large turnout. We helped set up and then showed up for a bit to show The Christ Child. (Love that movie) Also there was food.
3. Baptism
There was an eight years old baptism on Saturday. One of the people we are teaching named Linda was able to make it. Baptisms are fun. Right afterwards our district leader was able to come and Linda had her own baptismal interview and she passed! Also there was food. A lot of this upcoming week is going to be helping her prepare for her own baptism.
4. Sunday
Sunday is always nice. You loyal readers might remember how there was no power last week. Well the power was back this week but apparently the microphone in the chapel did not make the same recovery that the rest of the buildings electronics made. Luckily there was still two big 4 1/2 ft tall speakers that were still in the building from the Christmas party. We ended up just using those. Lol.
That was my week. More will follow next week. Unless I forget.... (lol kidding mom)
Elder Warnick


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