December 10, 2019




Elder Breshears

All Sinking With No Power!

When are yousa thinking wesa in trouble?
(Sorry for the Jar Jar quote on your birthday Dad but I couldn't resist :)
Family and friends! Another great week has gone by already. Exciting stuff is happening over here. Here are some of the highlights.
1. No Power
Last Sunday we showed up at church to find that all the lights were out and it was a little cold. There was no electricity! (The reason for the quote) The branch counsel talked about it for a little while before deciding that we were still going to have church. It was a little dark, some people kept their coats on and the speakers had to project a little in order to be heard but other than that it was awesome. Power came back on right at the beginning of second hour and everything was normal again after that. (Powers back. MONSTERS BACK! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhh ah) (last JarJar quote today I promised)
2. Dad's Birthday.
Dad's Birthday today. Happy Birthday Dad! Everybody be sure to wish dad a happy birthday.
3. Monday Excitement
If you are observant, you will have noticed that this letter is being sent on Tuesday. This is because Monday was zone conference. So our pday got pushed to today instead. Zone conference was pretty fun. Elder Bennett from the seventy was there and he talked for a while about being a good disciple. And there was food. I liked both.
That's not all that happened this week but it is all that I find letter worthy so I hope you all have a good week!
Elder Warnick


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