August 26, 2019


Cortland, NY


Elder Deboer

100% Homemade Soup

Howdy howdy readers,
This week was a funny week. First thing that happened was at district counsel this last week there was an agreement to all bring food and to swap it around. Thing is we completely forgot about it until like right before we left to go. So, Elder DeBoer had a genius idea. He grabbed a couple cans of chicken noodle soup and tore the labels off and he made new ones. So when the others showed up with their Tupperware of food for us we had something to give them. Boom. Crisis averted.

We had kind of hit a big slump recently with finding new people to teach. That stopped when we were able to find someone thanks to some help from a friendly lizard. We were knocking on the door of someone who had been taught fairly recently, but had since lost contact with missionaries. We saw that there was this huge iguana stuck between the window and a fan set up right next to window. So we knocked on the neighbor's door to let them know. Guy answered and we were able to talk to him for a bit. When we asked if he would be open to hearing some of our message he said yes so we were able to teach him some and he said we could come back another day and share more. All thanks to this big free roaming iguana. Lizards are the best.
Love y'all
Elder Warnick.


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