July 22, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Goodman

Honorable Mentions

Family and friends,
Transfers are coming up this week and pretty much for the first time I think I might actually get moved. Nothing certain of course because we don't find out for sure until tomorrow but apparently trios almost never stay together longer than a transfer and I have been here the longest by a good chunk.

Because these letters are pretty much the only written record of my mission I figured I should say a bit about a couple of members I liked from Pulaski.

First up is the Giovos. They are super nice and had us over for dinner every week and came to a bunch of lessons with us. President Giovo is cool. He loves talking about fun stuff they did at the shooting range. He showed us some of his targets once and all of them were labeled "bad guy." He said he does that because he could never shoot a "good guy."

The other person is the branch mission leader Brother Jewell. He is a legend. My favorite line from him was when we were out tracting this country road out in the middle of nowhere and this car pulls over and the window rolls down and we see that it's him. He looks at us and says, "You know, if you two would get a job you could afford a car and wouldn't have to walk so much" :)
That's all from Pulaski
Love y'all


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