July 15, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Goodman


Greetings Earthlings,
It's been another good week here in New York.

Yeah so this week we talked to this lady in her front yard and she was telling us all about her kids. One kid in particular was super funny. He is like nine or ten years old and apparently he loves monster movies. Like...A Lot. When his mom mentioned Godzilla he ran inside and came back out with this big plastic Godzilla toy that he showed us. He then got on his phone where he had this app that makes the Godzilla roar/scream. With that going, he mouthed along he stomped around the yard pushing over chairs and anything else that stands up. (Just like Godzilla knocking over buildings) His mom told us that he does this all the time and that was why we had to stand up all the chairs we were sitting in when we first show up. Fun guy.

We are also teaching a couple now. Technically. We haven't ever taught them both at once. We started teaching the husband a while back when we knocked on their door. We taught a couple lessons to him and he was moderately interested. We had a hard time staying in contact with him though. However this last time we were trying by his wife answered and talked to us. He wasn't home but after we talked to her for a bit we were able to teach the restoration and she agreed to read the book of mormon with her husband before we came back next time so that was cool.

Love you all,

Because you all got so many pictures last week I think y'all are good this week. :)


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