July 1, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Goodman

What I do in the SUMMER TIME!

Hello Everybody! Well as of today the merger will be 100% official, crazy to think I'm in a whole other mission now!

We are now in the full swing of summer here in Pulaski New York, and to be honest its killing me haha. Early this past week we went out finding all day long in the summer sun. I got SUPER SUN BURNED, and to add insult to injury my white shirts are turning yellow. But hey, sacrifice brings forth the blessings from heaven, hard work eventually pays off. In fact just last night we found some new people to teach. We were crossing the street and ran right into them haha. Anyways after being a bit persistent and walking with them they gave us their address.


- Alice is still on date to be baptized in August,but surprise, surprise she is going out of town again. We might be able to have live video lessons with her... but we'll see. Hoping somehow ill be around for her baptism but ill probably get transferred.

-Glenda has had some sickness going around in her family (yikes) anyways we weren't able to give her a church tour this week, maybe sometime in the future.

-Dwane, got to meet with Dwane this week. He is a cool guy and has a mettle shop. He actually used to be on track to be minster at school, but sort of dropped out. Anyways this week we committed him to read from the Book of Mormon, and I think he will actually do it!

-One other fun moment of this week is I got to try home made apple sauce. IT WAS DELICIOUS (probably cause of all the extra sugar) YUM!

Anyways still hate cheese and love you all
-Elder Warnick


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