July 1, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Goodman

Day 1

Today is the first day of the New York Syracuse Mission. It started like any other preparation day until we got on our phones. When we got on we have found that we cannot sync our daily planners on our phones. We also realized that we have not gotten the big weekly email that President Vest always sends out yet. Also, I received an email for My Plan... (My Plan is a thing they make missionaries fill out during their last few weeks before they go home about what they are going to do with their lives. ) No idea why I am getting it unless time has Really gotten away from me. Lol

Other than that this week had been fairly routine. I went on an exchange down in Fulton again and that's always fun. Another fun fact: there had been the same two Elders in Fulton since I got here. They must have been forgotten or something.

Quite a few of our lessons fell through this week so we spent almost all our time trying to find someone this week. No success until like 8:30 Sunday night. We were just walking around trying to talk with people. (People get upset when you knock on their door that late.) As we crossed the street there was a couple crossing in the other direction at the same time. After talking for a second standing in the middle of the road they said we could walk and talk with them as they walked to the store. After a quick talk about prophets they said we could come by another time and share more. Woohoo

PS sorry that I waited so long to hit send on this letter. I sent a "two word email" earlier just to tease mom and wanted to keep that going as long as possible. I know, I'm terrible.


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