May 20, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Goodman


HI Everyone,
Wait! Wait! We have to go back... I forgot my handkerchief. (Hobbit)
No real good reason for that quote. I just felt like it.

This week was pretty good. We got to talk to a lot of people and some interesting things happened.
There was some community garage sale in Pulaski this week and so there were a bunch of people walking around. It was a real nice change of pace to see so many people just walking around and we were able to talk to a lot of them. We wish we had known about it beforehand because we totally could have set up a little stand in the park and have people come to us for once. Oh well.

Bill got the priesthood this last week as well. That was super cool. Bills the man.

It also rained a ton Sunday. We were just finishing a companion study when it all hit at once. It went from totally dry to totally soaked in about five seconds. It was awesome! I took a picture. :) Also when it stopped it stopped almost as fast. Since it was still pretty hot when all this started and because it stopped so fast and its so humid already the parking lot was totally steaming afterwards. I didn't get a picture of that though :(

Last fun fact. We were helping these people move and we carried a lot of their old furniture out to a truck to be taken to the dump. After we had it all in the truck we were looking at it and we noticed that they had bedbugs so we are probably super infested. For the Swarm! (StarCraft) We sprayed ourselves down with a lot of rubbing alcohol after we got done helping them so hopefully we are good.

That's all for this week
love ya'll-


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