May 6, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Goodman


Hi Others, friends and family! (Notice how I put others first this time-I thought it would be good to give them that just this once.)

This week has been wild. Please make sure you are securely fastened to you seat and keep all hands and feet inside the cart at all times and enjoy the ride.

Last Monday we had a church tour during our P-day time. The lady that we have been trying to get to come to church lives quite a ways away and there is only one member who lives even a little bit close. The member was willing to give her a ride, but Monday was the only time we could get to work for everyone. It was a good tour and we also did a little lesson at the end. It all went great but she still didn't make it to church Sunday. (None of the people we are teaching did.) Very sad.

We had transfers Wednesday and we were pretty sure that Elder Weber would be leaving. (He had been in Pulaski for seven and a half months.) So the first part of this week was spent trying to fit in appointments with basically every member in the branch. We used a lot of our miles...

Then Tuesday afternoon we got the call and Elder Weber is going to Potsdam and I am staying in Pulaski with Elder Goodman!

Wednesday morning Elder Weber left for his new area with his new companion and I went to the stake center ( a lot of miles...) with his companions old companion to wait for our new companions. The thing is we ended up having to wait for hours. We did some studying and ate lunch and stuff. Funny thing is we were told at one point to just go somewhere nearby and go try and talk to people and find someone to teach. We talked to some people but did not find anyone to teach. I didn't even know whose area that was or what to do if I found someone though. Lol

Then I met Elder Goodman. He is alright. We then spent most of the rest of the week introducing Elder Goodman to everyone. More miles...(it is going to be tight for this month).

Unfortunately I didn't have any way to celebrate Star Wars day this year. I thought a lot about it and just didn't have anything that I could do. Oh well
It's a little late but...
- jedi master Josh.
(And yes, I am on the counsel.)


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