April 8, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Weber

General Conference

Hello everybody,
This week was real busy. I went on exchanges this week with our zone leaders. They are the ones who have that massage chair at their apartment. I liked that a lot.

The big news of this week is of course General Conference. Loved that. We managed to get a few of the people we are seeing to watch some of the sessions with us. One of them was this guy named Bill. Bill came to three of them. Bill is awesome.

I kind of regret sharing that first because now the rest of what I have to share is going to seem less exciting. Oh well. Things are starting to warm up here in New York. Cold winds and snow is turning into cold winds and rain. :) Something that I thought was crazy cool was one night as it got dark we got a ton of mist. It was all in these big clumps and it looked awesome. Never seen anything like it....I did a real bad job at explaining that.

Something else that happened was one of the members we visit regularly has some Jehovah Witnesses that come see him sometimes. This week when we went in to see him we walked in and there they were. He had double booked us. That was an interesting experience.

Up until this point I had only ever worn two ties. Any more, I decided, was just to much hassle. However because some nice members this week gave me a new tie I am changing that number to three.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed your week as much as I did.
- Josh


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