April 5, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Weber

Shoes 2: The Spit Shine

Hello Family and Friends!

This week, like other weeks, has been pretty good. It's going to be a short letter though because I don't have a whole bunch to tell. Here are some highlights.

The first story I told about my shoes got a lot of positive responses and seemed to be a success. You know what that means! Sequel time! It had been a few weeks since I had last cleaned my shoes and one of the less active members we visit saw our shoes and offered to teach us how to shine them really good. We thought that that sounded like fun so the next time we went over there my companion brought his shoe polish kit. I knew we were in for a treat when the first thing that he did was light the polish on fire for a second. He also spit on our shoes and rubbed that in as well. My companion was super grossed out and I can kind of understand why but you can't argue with the results because they got shiny. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice.

The other thing that happened this week was zone conference. That was fun seeing other missionaries and hearing from the mission president. There was a big emphasis on getting the people to we visit to pray. Prayer is awesome.

Also, super excited for general conference.
May the Force be with you all


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