March 25, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Weber


Salutations! (Dictionary app;)

"Food! Glorious Food! I am anxious to try it! Just think of a mammoth steak fried roasted or stewed! Food! Glorious Food! Wonderful Food!"

The thing about being in Pulaski is that everyone loves to feed us. This is great because I love being fed and it's a great way to get to know the people here. This week especially, we got fed a ton. A woman we teach named Norma invited us over for dinner. We would finish what we had on our plates and then she would just put more on until I could not take another bite. When we finally rolled out of there she then sent us off with three large tupperware of leftovers, several gallon bags of cookies and muffins. There is also a member we meet with who sends us off with a gallon of ice cream every week. I took a picture of all the food we have that has been given to us recently. I am going to need bigger clothes pretty soon.

We had a cool experience talking with some people this week. We were just walking around Pulaski and saw this guy walking to his car and we talked a bit with him. He had recently seen Ephraims Rescue and thought it was pretty interesting. He said he wasn't interested in hearing more but recommended a person he knows who used to be a member. As he was driving away he honked and slowed down some and pointed out the person he told us about walking to their car. We had a good talk with the person. Unfortunately the person lives outside of our area but it was cool anyways.

I found this scripture that I thought was great. 1 Corinthians 11:14. Buzzed heads are the best. Scriptural proof.
Love y'all


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