February 18, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Weber


Hello Family and Friends :),
Crazy highlight of the week is....I Can Call Home On P-Days Now! I am super excited to talk to my fam now. I can only call mom and dad though so the rest of you will still be stuck reading my random ramblings of wisdom instead of listening to my random ramblings of wisdom. Sorry about that.

I am starting to get a better grasp of what I am doing out here. I am starting to remember names of a lot of the people we meet with and am even getting to the point were I feel confident enough to say a sentence or two during some of the visits lol. It seems like everybody here absolutely loves to talk and its tricky for me to keep up sometimes.

It was Valentines this week and it kind of snuck up on me. Started my day just like normal and didn't even realize that it was a holiday until we were calling to confirm with a member and they brought it up. A lot of members gave us little boxes of chocolate... I will soon be huge. I also got a package from home with a letter from my family, a bag of mint truffles, and an incredible mustache that I think makes me look Good.(yes that capital G was intentional) Here is a picture of said mustache so you can all marvel at my beauty.

Miss and love yall
-Josh with facial hair


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