February 12, 2019


Pulaski, NY


Elder Weber

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Hello Family and Friends!
So it has been an exciting past two weeks. Sorry you all didn't get an email last week I will try and cover it all now.

So, my sense of time has been super distorted these past two weeks. The last week at the MTC every individual day seemed to go on forever, but the week went by insanely fast. Most of that week was the same routine as the first two weeks, but there were a few highlights.

Elder Holland came and talked at the MTC and we all got to hear him. He talked a lot about obedience and it was super cool to see him.

The day before we left everybody in my district packed and we all ate a ton trying to finish off all the food we had but could not take with us. I am proud to say that I don't think I forgot a single thing at the MTC.

We had to wake up to leave for the airport at 3:00 AM! Not great for my sense of time. I said goodbye to my companion Elder Nelson and the other two elders in the district going to Alabama instead of New York and off we went. I was crazy out of it because I was so tired. I ended up just picking this guy from the district and just copying whatever he did so he could do all the thinking and I could relax my brain and it seemed to work out good. I also got to call home at the airport. That was super nice being able to talk to mom and tyty. Unfortunately I could not get the pay phone to work a second time so I didn't get to talk to nathan or dad. Sorry nathan and dad. Sad. I got a little sleep once on plane but not a lot.

Once in New York (the time zone here is two hours different from Utah. So again, my internal clock got confused a little more...) I met the mission president and his family. They showed everyone where to put our bags and we got told some safety stuff and to watch out for bedbugs (not just a saying here, apparently they are a real problem) then got showed where we would be sleeping.

Next day we woke up and got our stuff together (I did accidentally leave my shampoo there, less proud of that) and met my trainer companion Elder Weber. Elder Weber is super cool and helpful. Then they gave us food. I did not get to eat breakfast or lunch the earlier day and the dinner was just a snack so I was super hungry. Pizza and salad. I did not know if I would get lunch that day and there was not a lot of salad and I did not want to be "That Guy" from day one with everyone so... Yes, I ate some pizza. Now before you go thinking I have grown as a person or anything know that I only had four small bites with lots of water before deciding that it was not worth it and just stuck with some salad.

Elder Weber and I drove to our area: Pulaski! Pulaski is supposed to get the most snowfall of the entire mission but so far they have been getting a really mild winter so I have not seen that too much.

The individual days always seem to fly by while at the same time it feels like I have been here way longer than a week. Time, am I right?

We got going right away and I have met some pretty cool people. There are a couple people who are interested in the church in this area and a bunch of people who are technically less active. Apparently the church attendance goes way down during the winter because most people really don't like to leave their houses then. At first I didn't really get why that was but then a few nights ago we went into the last visit of the night (In a place called Mexico which is just south of Texas! How funny is that! :) with the weather totally fine but when we came out it was snowing. As we were driving the wind really picked up and snow from the ground was all getting picked up and thrown around and we could barely see to the end of our car. It is a good thing that Elder Weber was driving because if I had been behind the wheel I would have driven right off the road like this other car we drove by. Luckily the other car already had called some trucks to help it.

Well this letter feels like it has gotten crazy long and I don't want to take over anyones day so I will finish this up. If anymom... I mean... anyone has any questions about anything in this letter just send me an email and I will try to respond. Be warned though, one of the rules for this mission is that I can only send one individual email to each person so I won't be able to "email chat" with anyone.
I am loving mission life and I love all you!


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