January 29, 2019




Elder Nelson

Email attempt #2

Hello family!
So my last letter was apparently lacking because I got a whole bunch of questions about all these things I forgot to mention (whoops:) so a lot of this letter is going to be about week one as well.

Yes the food is good. I found out where I get my chocolate milk before I even found my room. The chocolate milk is good and I am drinking a ton.

Also they gave me a free mini preach my gospel but I don't use it much because I have it on gospel library. On that note yes I am using my phone here all the time and I have had a whole bunch of classes that are teaching me how to use it good. My phone is what I am using to write this email. The classes are good and I am learning a lot The teachers are all super nice and helpful. One of the teachers looks and sounds exactly like Fix-it Felix and it is hilarious.

My companions name is Elder Nelson (not that Nelson) we get along alright. He is super into running and even ran a marathon before coming here. During exercise time I usually just walk around the track while he runs. I tried to run with him once just for his warm up and it about killed me lol.

We have a lot of devotionals here that are pretty cool. I really liked to listen to those.

My district is super funny but..."A PLAGUE SPREADS THROUGH OUR STREETS!" It started with just two people getting a cold but now five people are feeling under the weather.

Elder Nelson and I got our hair cut Monday. I told them I wanted a buzz as short as was allowed. They said they could only give me the one kind of hair cut and that the hair on top of my head was still too short to really cut at all. No, you will not see pictures of this because I think it makes my head look like a really weird shape and I am feeling self conscious about it.

Due to popular demand I will share a picture that was taken before this injustice. Here is a picture of my district at the temple.


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