September 11, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

Sept 11, 2017 - Elder Reynolds

Okay here’s my quick email!

At the request of my father I will share with you the average day in Ciudad Juarez. oooooooookay here we go

6:30- We wake up (it’s sometimes very interesting to see my companion he is like a zombie) we go ahead and just start our day like most people. Pray and then shower (in freezing water)
8:00- is when we are usually done with everything. We are finished with breakfast and have started our daily study, comp study, and idioma. (language)
11:00- We leave the house and start with the miricales! We usually try to contact as much as we can most people are out of the houses in this hour since its cooler than the rest of the day. We don’t have a lot of appointments at this time. We work until comida or lunch
2:00- lunch! Might be the best part of the day. I always get a surprise for lunch sometimes its hamburgueses and other times it chili relleno. A chili relleno is a giant pepper with queso and meat inside. Comida takes about an hour and then we share a small message with the family that fed us. Then we head back out.
3:00-9:00 We are back out with our appointments this is the busiest time of the day we struggle to get from one side of the area to the other to be on time but it’s pretty fun sometimes haha!

Now that I see this it seems pretty boring but I want to assure you that this is truly amazing and I’m happy to be serving for the next two years. I meet great people and I get to share with them a small but amazing message. I’ve met some amazing families and I love to see how they progress.

Sorry for the short and boring email. Not a busy week but many lecciones. I’m thankful for all the support and love from home.


E. Reynolds


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