June 26, 2017


Chapultepec 2nd Ward


Elder Reyes

June 26, 2017 - E Reynolds - new comp / getting wet

Tengo mi primero fecha! (I have my first date - he means they have someone committed to baptism)

Well I'll begin with my new companion. He is from the Dominican Republic and speaks little to no Ingles. That has been a struggle this week. Pero (but) we didn't let it affect us we worked harder than I've ever worked out here. We contacted and we searched for referencias and it really paid off. We contacted a man named Jesus and from the beginning he wanted to know more. We taught him the first leccion . . . and at the end asked if he would prepare to be baptized on the 22nd of Julio and he gladly agreed! He has been amazing. He has been reading and attended church! He loves prayer! and we were able to teach him another leccion before the end of the week! We teach him again today! We hope to have 10 new investigators this following week and have a goal of 4 more fechas (dates) for the end of next week.

Now here's a little fun story for everyone at home. We haven't had water for awhile now so its been showers out of buckets but this week there was a huge rain storm and we took advantage of this and showered and filled our buckets outside It felt good haha but the next day all the streets were flooded so that wasn't fun. Anyway our house has been falling apart, our washing machine doesn't work, entonces solomente (then only) hand washing haha. We have enough electricity to run our AC and that's about it. Our presidente has told us to stay inside from 4 pm - 6 pm because its about 115° at that time . . . really sucks.

My presidente has told us to memorize and recite the primero vision in our first leccion (first vision 1, video) . . . he said it is best used then . . . so i did so and wow . . . I invite all to read and and learn more about the first vision. It is so powerful, the more you learn about it the more special it becomes and in turn the more helpful it can be.

The end of the week was rough. On Friday i hit a wall, between the work and the barrio and the new companion and not knowing the language very well.. I was stressed to the max.. so i prayed and I came to the conclusion that I was being prepared for more. I think we are all being prepared for me but sometimes we feel like we are stuck and are unable to go anywhere. Remember the story of the 2000 stripling warriors. They were being pursued by there enemies.. they couldn't turn left they couldn't turn right, only run straight or they would be overcome by the enemy, they were stuck but they turned to the Lord.. they used the faith that they had and relied on the Lord. We can do the same.. look to the Lord in all things.

te amo simpre
-E. Reynolds


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