August 21, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

Aug 21, 2017 - Elder Reynolds - big things happening

It was a long week; I don’t even know where to begin,

Well it was a great week, very busy we had all our regular appointments along with preparing for the baptism on Saturday. I guess, I’ll talk about that. It was truly amazing to be able to baptize a family and to see them all take that first step of faith it is truly humbling. The next goal for them is to visit the temple in one year!

This week has been nothing but work and its beginning to pay off. There is an experience that I would like to share. It is about my good friend Rafa. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about him with you all yet but I’ll explain a little about him. Well to our first encounter with Rafa, he is what they call here a borracho (which means more or less the neighborhood drunk). He called us over to him and then started to interrogate us about our religion. He asked why we worshiped Joe Smith as our God and why we believe in the Book of Mormon. We talked with him for about 40 minutes. He argued with us a little bit about doctrine in the Bible so we thought it best to leave. We didn’t really think much of the experience at the time. A few days later we were walking around in his area and felt impressed to pay him a visit. We were expecting more doctrine to be thrown around and a lot of misinformed questions asked, but when we arrive at his place of business (he is a carpenter - that made me a little nervous since he drinks and operates power tools). Anyway we found that he wasn’t as drunk as before he was actually a lot more pleasant to talk to. He didn’t argue and he didn’t interrupt when we were teaching. He asked a few questions then when we were ready to leave he told us he'd like a copy of the Book of Mormon and that he would like another meeting with us the following day. He promised us he wouldn’t drink before or lesson. We were a bit skeptical since a lot of borrachos promise us this but we agreed to come back. We came the next day with the copy of the Book of Mormon for him and to our surprise he was 100% sober. We had a very spiritual leccion with him and then my companion and I bore our testimonies and handed him the book. He looked down at the book for a moment then stood up set it on the table and looked at us. We then realized that he had started to cry. He then told us "I feel something jovenes,(young boys) I feel something in my heart". We gave him a hug and told him it was the spirit talking to him and that he could continue to feel this if he stayed sober and read and prayed. He happily agreed.

Over the next 3 days we visited him every day at his request. The last leccion was the best of them all. We talked about families. He told us his wife and kids are all Jehovah Witnesses and have been really giving him a rough time about him investigating into our church. He then continued to tell us that despite all the pressure to stop receiving lessons he was reading and he bore testimony to us that he knew everything we had taught him was the truth. He flipped to the picture of Joseph Smith in the front of the Book of Mormon and then told us that he knew this man was a prophet of God and that the book he was reading was the most beautiful book he’s ever read. He told us that even though his wife is skeptical of the "mormones" that he hopes she will see a change in him because he has accepted this. I don’t think there was a dry eye among us in this leccion. I believe that I am witnessing a miracle. He is now one week sober and is excited to attend church and is always very excited when it’s his turn to pray. This man has been a blessing in my life. This gospel is a blessing and we must tend to it diligently.

I’m thankful for all of those at home who are supporting me out here! Shout out to Emma Reynolds who has now written me 2 letters! It is much appreciated out here! And also a big shout out to Grandma Reynolds and Hermano Holm who wrote me an email through my Missionary blog site! All of your words help me! Even if I don’t understand all of them - @ Hno. Holm

Cuidese Mucho
-E. Reynolds


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