August 14, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

Aug 14 - E. Reynolds Letter

Well this has been quite the week,

We have 15 fechas (dates) for baptisms! We have three this upcoming Saturday! I’m very excited because they have been progressing really quickly and are ready for this! It will be my first baptism!

Also, today marks my 6 months in Mexico! haha Yeah! Only 18 more months! I really love the work here and I’m not sure I’m going to want to go home.

I don’t have any prophetic words of advice to share this week other than I heard a very interesting quote and I’m not sure if I’ve shared this yet “God can’t drive a parked car". I liked this because some of our investigators are parked cars, sure they leave the doors unlocked and allow God to enter but they do nothing with it after. I’m trying to teach them to put it in drive but I can’t do it for them they have to do the shifting. Anyway, that’s my very short message for this week.

Now, I have a cool experience this week I’d like to share jaja (haha / LOL). So my companion and I were walking, and trying to find a reference this week when a few young Mexicanos started walking next to us. They then started to say some very nasty things about this church and a handful of other things I won’t even try to explain. They started to try and get a response from us. It seemed as if they wanted to start something with my comp and I. We tried to leave it alone but some of the things were very, very vulgar and we wanted to do something but right when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore we felt two very strong hands grab our shoulders from behind and I heard the words "We got you güero" (Editor: E. Reynolds said it basically means ‘whitey’) and two rather large cholos began to scold these young men about respecting "preachers". They continued to tell them that if they didn’t leave us be; they would have to help them learn respect Jaja (LOL). After that they turned around and we thanked them and we talked a little with them. We tried to share a message but they said they weren’t interested in learning they just wanted the blessings of helping those who teach God's word haha. We thought it was funny and we told them we could help them receive more blessings but again they seemed content with what they did. Even though they didn’t want to learn more I’m thankful for the help and the blessing they were to us.

Anyway I love everyone and I’m thankful for all the support!

Cuidese (take care)

-E. Reynolds

(Editor’s Note: Mrs. Yarno may need to talk to E. Reynolds when he gets back to discuss the version of espanol he is learning) Also: He said he loves getting emails and letters, doesn’t have time to reply to them all but will try to include things in his weekly update.


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