August 7, 2017


Aeropuerto Ward


Elder Fabara

Aug 7, 2017: Elder Reynolds - Huge Change

Well this week has been a huge change!

My new comp (Elder Fabara) and I went right to work this week. We were contacting and teaching. He’s a hard worker and doesn’t like to slow down for anything, this showed in our numbers this week. We taught 17 new investigators, 7 new fechas (baptismal dates) and 9 that attended this week’s sacrament meeting! It felt good to have some success and don’t worry I’m helping my companion with the work! We are teaching this amazing family called Familia Vaquera which means Family Cowgirl haha. Anyway we teach them for about 45 minutes then at their request I practice and teach them English. I feel for all my English teachers I had over the years, it is ridiculously frustrating and difficult but also very rewarding.

I met with some of the members of my Ward this week they are absolutely amazing! The bishop is rather young! He is only about 31 years old and he speaks English! He served in Phoenix Arizona mission. He is also married to the Stake Presidents daughter and they live next door to them.

This ward is a little different than my other one; it is about twice the size. The ward boundaries circle the Aeropuerto which make this ward area rather large and hard to maneuver around. We usually have two sets of missionaries to cover this whole area so it is split in half, but due to the limited number of missionaries in our misión we don’t have a sufficient number to put in the areas that need two sets. Sooooo my companion and I get the whole area and just to give you a sense of how big our área is, we have to take a 10 min bus ride to get to the second area. It’s been difficult taking the bus back and forth trying to organize our schedule so we won’t have to take it as much but it’s proving to be very difficult but I love the challenge. Oh! Also we get two houses since the área is so big we can sleep in both áreas if needed. That is also very difficult at times.

My new companion is amazing he is the same age as me and is from Ecuador. He has only been out 3 more weeks than me in the misión! So we are both still getting used to this life but we both love it.

This week in my study I came across a quote that stood out to me. "Compared to God we are nothing, yet to God we are everything" it’s a quote from a past Liahona magazine, this really stuck out to me. I’ve tried to remember this quote as I teach especially when I teach the first lesson. It’s amazing to think that Heavenly Father who created all things, the heavens and the earth and every person on it has a place for us in His heart and He cares about every individual here in Ciudad Juarez and in Lewiston, Idaho. Everyone is loved by Him. We may feel insignificant at times but to Him we never are. We are important every single soul; that’s why I’m here because the souls here are important to my Heavenly Father and I’m helping them come back to be with Him. I’ve tried to keep that in mind with everyone that we talk with, even those who reject His word, argue with us, threaten us, and yell some very inappropriate language in Spanish and English, and even those who only want to discourage us. Each and every one is my brother or sister and my Heavenly Father wants them to come home to Him just as much as He wants me. I’m learning to love more and I’m finding that I have more love than I thought.

I love and miss everyone. Thanks again to those who are supporting me at home.


-E. Reynolds


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