July 31, 2017


Chapultepec 2nd Ward


Elder Reyes

July 31, 2017: Elder Reynolds

It's been a great week but it ended with bad news.

​My comp and I started this week by ​going to the temple. ​ Which was amazing. ​It​ is a little smaller than the ​Spokane Temple but almost exactly ​the​ ​same ​build​, ​ for a moment ​I​ felt like ​I​ was​ back​ in my home temple. ​

Anyway, we had really good lessons with familia ​R​odr​igu​ez they are progressing very quickly they just want to know if this is the true church.​ I​ think they know​, but​ they are just scared of change. ​ We also have another investigator named ​Claudia she has a baptism date and from what we learned about her is ready to change her life for her and her daughter. ​My comp and I are loving the area but we received some sad news on Sunday.

​I ​will be getting transferred to aeropuerto. ​I​ think ​I​ will be covering two wards with my new comp​,​ ​Elder​ ​Fabara. All I know is that he does absolutely zero ​English and is from Ecuador. ​T​hings have been pretty busy since we got transfers this week​ so​ this email ​isn't super long. ​ (editor note: His transfer is Tuesday morning and they use Uber to get him across town to his new apartment) ​

Also some more news about my mission​, we lost about 15 ​missionaries this transfer​:​ 1 assistant, 5 zone leaders, 5 district leaders and 4 senior companions​ going home​. ​ They had to close or combine 8 areas​, only the ​areas that had two missionaries​ covering one ward. ​W​e have very little missionaries in our mission only about 120 so that means more work for us.​ I'm​ excited to see how my new companion is and ​I'm​ excited to get to know a new area.

​I'm​ happy that ​I'm​ here. ​I'm​ happy to be on the ​Lords errand. ​ I'm​ thankful for all who are supporting me. ​ I ​know the blessings will come after the trial​ and ​my faith has been tested and ​I​ know it is growing.


E. Reynolds​

482b - the temple presidents wife gave us a litttle care package for the hour and a half bus ride home.
484b & 485b - pics of the temple with my favorite dominican E. Reyes
489b - Juarez may be ugly during the day but the sunsets are chido


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