July 24, 2017


Chapultepec 2nd Ward


Elder Reyes

July 24, 2017: Elder Reynolds

​Well this week was better actually,

​I​t was cloudy​ this​ week which is always a blessing here​,​ haha​. So​,​ this week we got 6 new investigators.​ I​t doesn't seem like a ton but three of them accepted dates​ for baptism​. ​We​ have two on ​August 12th and one on ​August ​19th. ​ I'​m very excited to see how they progress. ​
W​e also have a family that we are teaching ​who ​has always known of the church but never tried to​ learn ​​ more​. They ask a ton of questions and are very set on finding out if this is the true church.
​I'm​ very thankful for the patience of the people in Juarez who deal with my broken Spanish. ​ ​​I​'ve learned personally that it doesn't matter how ​I​ talk in a lesson as long as the ​Spirit is present. me and my companion do everything we can to have it present in all of our lessons.

​S​o​, I'​ve come to realize that ​I ​hate enchiladas roja​, ​they make me so sick but the people here looooove them and ​I​ mean love them.​ They usually give us a giant plate of about 10 enchiladas with of course rice beans and tortillas​ . . . ​those three ​are​​​ the main ingredients of about every meal out here. ​I​ don't think ​I​ will eat any of those after my mission for as long as ​I​ live. ​Th​​e one good thing is ​I can eat basically any spicy food out here now.​ They have a meal called chili​ relleno​ which is a giant pepper wit​h​ queso in side and deep fried​. After about a week of eating those ​I​ think my mouth is just permanently numb​, other than that the food is great. ​ I​ think it shows cause ​I ​think ​I've​ gained about 25 pounds out here hah​a​. ​ The people of this ward are so proud that they fattened up the gringo.

Anyway. ​ just a not​e The biggest thing that ​I​ wish ​I​ would have done ​before I got ​out here is study my scriptures... both in the ​Book of Mormon and in the ​Bible. It is e​specially important out here when you have a lot of ​Catholics​ who have read the ​Bible a thousand times​. It's good to know and really be familiar with the ​Book of Mormon and the scriptures in the ​Bible. real study takes time.​ If you read to just read you will get little to no help ​fro​m it but if you study with real intent and with​ ​a ​desire to know more you will get just that. ​ I would be completely lost out here had ​I ​not attended 4 years of seminary​ and had the amazing teachers that ​I ​did for those 4 years​ . . . ​seminary is rough e​specially in the morning but it prepares the youth and it truly is the best way to start a morning, day, and week. enjoy the free knowledge.

​Cuiden​s​e ​y​ te amo siempre

E. Reynolds​

Ties 1 - 3: so here's the haps. my companion likes to be completely ready for daily planning (which isn't a rule) he insists that I be ready too, complete with a tie and shoes on. Our planning is at 7;30 in the morning here in this mission so just to annoy him I only wear the "inappropriate"mission ties I have.. feels good to put them to use.
Breakfast: this was one of our breakfasts this week. Yes mom, I cooked it.


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