July 22, 2017


Chapultepec 2nd Ward


Elder Reyes

July 17, 2017: Elder Reynolds


Okay well I'm going in and out with the internet here so this might be a short one.
All is going well out here we managed to find 7 new investigators and 20 leccións this week. It helped to raise our spirits. We know there is still a lot of work to be done and we plan on working hard this coming week. We have a week-and-a-half till transfers and we are trying to get as much work done as we can on the off-chance one of us leaves.

This week started off super hot, but at the end it cooled off and we even had some rainstorms which are always appreciated here. The only let down of the week was that after the rain, our house flooded. Yeah, two-and-a-half hours of cleaning we finally got all the water out. I was the lucky one, none of my things were damaged but my companion on the other hand lost some books and a pair of shoes.

The big thing I learned about this week was positive thinking. It's very important to always keep your head up. When you start getting down on yourself it affects your faith and that affect your ability to teach. We had a very good talk with our ward mission leader. He gave us a very useful talk by Bruce R. Mconkie "Nadie es Llamado a Fracasar." Sorry I dont know the translated name, but that was a good pick me up out here. ("Come Hear the Voice of the Lord" by Elder Bruce R. McKonkie = Anyway sorry again for the short email. I'm being rushed because they are trying to figure out whats wrong with the internet. Love you all.

-E. Reynolds

From Bill - I added the link

Pic 1: Elder Reyes hugging R2D2 - their AC unit
Pic 2 - 3: From the title he gave it sounds like the Ciudad Juarez sewer system gets overwhelmed during rainstorms and overflows into the streets . . . basically it translated to "not clean water" Pic 3 - notice back window of white pickup - they must be good people down there!


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