November 5, 2018


Barrio Obrera


Elder Cuc

Feliz día de los muertos


Well this week was an eventful week!

We had Halloween (y feliz día de los muertos) and day of the dead. I love this holiday here in Mexico! Everyone make alters for their ancestors and a lot of food! Too. They cover there tombs with beautiful flowers and it’s just amazing to see the culture here!

They also have this bread that is super delicious called pan de los muertos (bread of the dead). At first they told me they make it with ashes of the dead but they were just joking . . . at least I hope so.

With the first week of November came changes! I’m staying in the big house but my companion is going back to Juarez. He’s going to the fontera (border) waiting for all those people from Honduras.

I will be receiving Elder Alvarez from Bolivia. He’s actually in the area right next to me so he literally will only be crossing the road for his new area.

In other news I’m entering my last 12 weeks of the mission. That’s pretty exciting!

We will be making some visits to Juarez this week. The work here is going well. Everyone is so kind and they receive us well but not all want to progress but we have a lot of work here and a lot of time to work miracles.

This week I was able to go to the temple in Colonia Juarez with my companion. It’s amazing to know we have temples all over the world now and 18 more in construction. This little area is blessed to have a temple and I hope that we all understand the importance of attending the temple, even if it’s not close to us. As missionaries we can only go once every 6 months in my mission and when the time comes for us to visit its very very sacred and special for us here. It’s a day to not relax but to receive revelation and inspiration for ourselves and our areas. It’s our chance to be closer to God.

Cuídense Todos

-e. Reynolds


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