October 15, 2018


Barrio Obrera


Elder Cuc

Tender Mercies in Casas


This week was a good week we had interviews with the mission president and that’s always fun to plan for!

Also, we had hurricane weather here. Nothing serious just some long days with rain a lot of mud and puddles, but now it’s starting to feel like fall. There wasn’t a lot of new things this week we made a little trip to a place called Mata Ortiz for baptismal interview which had some good scenery.

This week I would just like to give a brief run-down of a story my president told me in my interview. Just so you know I have been a little stressed out for normal reasons and a little frustrated when I was preparing the interviews. When it was my turn my president told me that he had a long day and decided to go to a restaurant with his wife.

When they got there the waitress kindly took their order then saw the name tag. She asked what church were they a part of? They replied "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". She told them she was a member also and she had been baptized just over a year ago. She told him that the elders that baptized her were Elder Fabara and Elder Reynolds.

It was Lorena Izquierdo! My very first baptism in the mission!

She had a good talk with my mission president and told him she was very thankful for the church she said ever since her baptism everything in her life changed!

This was something I really needed to hear. Sometimes, we get little moments that help lift us up when we are down. This was a tender mercy from the Lord.

Always be ready and looking for the mercies the Lord had planned for us.

Cuidese todos!

-E. Reynolds


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