September 10, 2018


Barrio Obrera


Elder Cuc

Looked Up!


This week was an amazing week, but I also didn’t get a chance to talk about last week.

The big thing last week was that we had stake conference! Something you all need to know is that in Colonia Juarez they have English speaking wards and Spanish speaking wards. This was the first stake conference that I’ve ever been in where they had translators for the only English speaking members! Of the 750 who attended 43 were not members so that was a big success for the missionaries!

We also had the amazing blessing to baptize two new members into our ward this week! Israel y Orion. They have progressed so much these last few weeks and it was amazing to see them get baptized! The next plan we have is to baptize Israel’s family ha!

This week I had an experience I’d like to share. I did something that is against primary rules and I looked up during the prayer!

We were in the house of Manuela and Antonio, they are an older couple preparing for baptism, and at the end of the lesson we offered the prayer, while my companion was saying it I looked up.

What I saw was amazing. This brother and sister with their heads bowed in reverence to the Lord, arms folded and eyes shut. This was just an amazing feeling I felt to see them so humble and so happy. It was like I just entered the mission again and was seeing these miracles for the first time!

It was a tender blessing from our Heavenly Father to me to be able to feel that same feeling. I know we are in the true church of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and loves me. I will serve Him with all my heart. I know of His tender love I get to see it every time I teach His children. This is my small testimony to all of you at home! The tomb is empty, He lives!

-Elder Reynolds


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