August 27, 2018


Barrio Obrera


Elder Cuc

Mata Ortiz


I’m still here! Still loving my area! Still preaching the Gospel!

This week was super busy we had interviews with the president then we had to go and do 3 baptismal interviews in our zone so we spent a lot of the day traveling around these little towns!

I’m starting to understand a little more these areas out here, it’s kind of a big change going from the big city life Juarez to little towns. There are no busses out here so we walk a lot, but everyone knows the missionaries and they give us rides when we need it haha Most of them aren´t even members.

We went to a little town called Mata Ortiz. It’s super tiny but super famous around here. In this town they make pots, not just any pots they make them like the Paquimes.

There is this one guy that lives there his name is Juan Quezada he is I guess internationally known for his art. His ollas sell for about $30,000 dollars or more ha kind of crazy right but I bought one of the pots that his niece makes so it was a lot less expensive but still has the authenticity of Juanito!

It’s really going well these last two weeks there is a lot of work and we are really dying to have a baptism here, stay tuned for the miracles!

I feel a little old out here now since I’m on my last 4 cycles out here but I also feel like I’m just starting the good part.

Cuidense todos!

-E. Reynolds


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