August 20, 2018


Barrio Obrera


Elder Cuc

Hit the ground running


Casas Grandes is the area I have chosen as my final resting place.

Actually, I have no control over that but it would be cool to finish my last few month out here.

I love this place it’s my dream area! I’m serving in a little town actually there is a group of little towns that our zone covers but just to give you all an idea of how it is out here; just think Rathdrum, Idaho and its exactly like that.

If you haven’t heard before but Colonia Juarez is the first Mormon colony in Mexico. Just down the street we can find the first Mormon chapel in all of Mexico! There are a lot of white people which is actually weird to see and even more weird because they speak Spanish!

Okay, well this week was insane. I’ll give you all a rundown of what happened.

Martes: we spent all day on the bus because we were supposed to get on the bus at 1 but we could only buy enough seats for the sisters that were going out there so the four other elders I was with had to wait till about 4 to get another bus! We got there at about 8 pm and what did we do when we got there? Went right to a lesson! Elder Cuc is a very, very diligent elder actually he was my zone leader before and we became friends pretty fast so were already were a little accustomed to each other when I got here. He’s from Guatemala and he has about 16 months in the mission.
Miércoles: we went to work. Met the bishop!
Jueves: worked even harder and I got to do my first baptismal interview in Casas Grandes! I saw the temple! And saw how beautiful the Academy of Colonia Juarez is.
Viernes: got up at 4 so that we can take the bus to Juarez for leadership training! We didn’t get home till 8 again but still got some lessons in.
Sabado- like I told you the Mormons are a big part of the culture here and there are also 3 others that are super big the Menonitas, Chinos, and Mestiza. They had this GIANT celebration of the 4 cultures and we got to see some pretty cool things. We only passed by for about 20 minutes because guess what we had appointments!
Domingo- got to meet the ward and the members it was a great service. Reminds me a lot of how it is in the U.S.

I love my new area and I love my new comp. I’m happy to be serving where I stand and even more to be serving the Lord.

Cuidense todos

-E. Reynolds


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