August 13, 2018


Barrio Parajes del Sur


Elder Mendoza

Moving to the Big House


I might be going to my grave. Why? Well, I don't have very much time left and they just moved me out of Juarez!!!

After a year and a half in Ciudad Juarez they finally moved me out to the Big House (Casas Grandes). I've been moved to Barrio Obrera. I don't know much about it but I heard it’s beautiful and safe (good news for mom).

I’m a little weirded out because I only had 3 month in Parajes del Sur and I’ve never been in an area less than 4 months but it’s all good there are other things that God has planned for me! My new companion will be Elder Cuc from Guatemala (he speaks Mayan as his first language/but is also fluent in Spanish). Just another one on a long list of companions that aren’t from Mexico, he is the 6th of 9 from other countries. Anyway I’m super excited to see what Casas Grandes has to offer.

Let me give you a rundown of this last week. We had Baptisms! Yay! Maria got baptized and she has just been amazing. Despite a lot of questions from her family she made the decision and is so happy. She’s been one of the most prepared people I’ve ever seen in my mission. Her life is like a sponge that just completely absorbed the gospel. It will truly be hard to say goodbye to her today.

The other baptism we had was a reference from a missionary from Los Angeles. She wanted us to visit her part member family! We found out her brother was just waiting to be baptized, a real miracle right?

I don’t have much time today cause I got to get packing but I’m so very thankful for my family! Even after a year and a half their letters and email still help me to keep pushing forward and be better every day! Love you all!

Cuídense todos!

-E. Reynolds


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