July 16, 2018


Barrio Parajes del Sur


Elder Mendoza

Rainy Days in the X


This letter might not be as long as last weeks but trust me I’m just as excited and happy as I was then!

The thing this week was just work, work, and work. Most of our work has been contacting new people and well let me tell yah, you find some different characters out contacting. For example I met a very dirty drunk guy who just insisted that he give me a hug. Aww the joys of missionary work.

We are really seeing the fruits of our labors and it’s amazing because it’s helping me and my companion to stay motivated and active! We got up to 45 contacts in one day! It was because almost all our appointments fell through but hey 45 CONTACTS! Woo-hoo!

It has been super rainy here in the X. Which means that there is more rain evaporating and so now everyone in Juarez is suffocating from the water in the air. Well except those who are from the south. I can now say that I’ve gone a whole week being soaking wet. Shoes, socks, shirt, and pants all from the humidity. I’m almost praying for the normal desert weather.

Anyway in news of the area. This family that we have been teaching Familia Alva Zuniga, came to church! They are preparing and progressing to baptism. They are so amazing and a testimony to me that there really are people waiting.

Well this week was amazing but the biggest thing that I realized out here is that there is no accidents in the Lords plan for us. Always be looking for the Lords hand in your life. When you see it and acknowledge it you will gain a better understanding of His love for you.

That is all I have for yah this week!

Cuidense todos!

-E. Reynolds


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