July 9, 2018


Barrio Parajes del Sur


Elder Mendoza

no trastesa


I’m going to sit down and write out a good letter with lots of details for you all.

Now where do I start? I’ll give you and update on the area!

We found two families this week that are just amazing! Let me talk at yah a bit about this first family. Se llaman familia Granadas Lee. (There names are Granadas Lee) I know what you’re all thinking Lee isn’t a very Mexican name well, it’s because it’s not and she’s not. She is from Taiwan. She came here about 4 years ago on a business trip (Juarez has a lot of factories and businesses). She met Maximiliano and well she just stayed here. She speaks English, and mandarin. He speaks English and Spanish, my companion speaks Spanish, and I speak English and Spanish. You can see English it the language that is mostly spoken in these lessons. It’s difficult but hey we are here to do difficult things. jaja Max and I have a fun time translating some of the things my companion says. The lessons are going great but haven’t made that trip to church. We can change that but for now that is where they are at.

The other family we are teaching is the family Zuniga. This story is a good one. We found her street contacting. The mother Sonya told us her part of the experience and I would like to share that with you all today.

She said that that same day she had a horrible experience when she just felt absolutely "distressed" she had an ugly feeling and couldn't seem to kick it. She told us she said a prayer and received a confirmation that God will help her. A few hours later walking home to our house at about 8:55 P.M. my companion had the feeling to go up to her little stand, where she sells Costco muffins and other snacks from El Paso, and ask her if she would like to hear a message from God.

Okay, you need to understand that we have walked by her stand 1,000 times going home. She lives just around the corner. But this day, the day of her prayer and of the answer that God will help her. We happened to talk to her that same day, it is just another testimony that there are no accidents in God's Plan.

I also learned that my companion’s hungry stomach leads us to some very great experiences.

We also contacted the Granadas family buying food.

UPDATE: if you all remember the family I found with my companion my last week in Tierra Nueva "el Barrachito" (the drunk guy) well him, his wife, and his two sons were baptized this last week! Just thought you'd like an update on that.

Not to end this letter you may notice I’m a little more animated than usually. Well it’s because I am. I had had a feeling of trastesa (sadness, frets) for a while. I felt like I wasn't living up to the potential that was planned for me and maybe it was true in some form but then I came across a scripture as I was studying in 2 Corinthians 7:8-10. Now in here Pablo is writing another epistle to someone he just roasted in his last epistle. He started out by saying he wasn’t sad for what he said, but that he was rejoicing because it made the person he wrote sad. He also says it was because that person was sorrowed unto repentance and that’s when it hit me. I was sorrowed before God, so what I needed to do was repent and move forward! Repentance is a change. It means we must humble ourselves before God and better ourselves. So that’s what I did. I started my change. Many of us may have similar feeling.

I encourage every one of you to do as Pablo says. Humble yourself, change yourself, and do as God directs.

I love you all! cuídense mucho!

-E. Reynolds


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