June 18, 2018


Barrio Parajes del Sur


Elder Mendoza

Elderes de Israel


So in this last week something huge happened. . . Mexico beat Germany in the World Cup!

What does that mean well if you live in the U.S. it means nothing, but if you live in Mexico this is history. You can say that these past 24 hours have been kind of crazy. Other than that everything has been pretty normal.

This week, I have found out that my companion is the best missionary to teach kids, because the examples he uses are amazing! For example: we are explaining the atonement of Christ and how we need to act on it for it to have an effect. The kids weren't getting it so he quickly explained it this way, "It’s like this, if I’m good and nice to my companion and I do what he wants me to do when I need to do it he will pay for my gringa (quesadilla filled with meat) at night, if I don’t well I’m the one who has to pay for my own gringa, and who wants to pay for their own gringas" jaja. Anyway, that was one highlight of our lessons this week.

My study this week included the attributes of Christ. I have felt in these past few weeks that I have been lacking in something. I knew if I turned to the scriptures and the Preach my Gospel I could find the help I needed.

I came to realize this; it is impossible to better yourself in one attribute of Christ without bettering in all of them. Without faith there is no hope. Without obedience there is no diligence.

Being like Christ is hard. He wasn’t of this world and for us it is so easy to get trapped in the daily temptations that we face in today’s world.

How can we start to increase these attributes?

I think the first thing we must do is realize where our faith is. Faith is the principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the scriptures faith is always precedes repentance and baptism. Faith is what we need to act. We want to be better disciples of Christ. Strengthen your faith! That is what I need that is what I’ll be doing and continue to do until that glorious day when I can see my life’s example in person.

I just want to end this email with the words of this last general conference "the tomb is empty, he lives." Now follow him.

Love ya'll lots!

Cuidense todos!

-E. Reynolds


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