June 11, 2018


Barrio Parajes del Sur


Elder Mendoza

No Nopales


At the request of my father there are a few things he would like me to talk about!

First, my current companion’s name is Elder Mendoza. He is a 6 foot 6 Peruvian, he comes from a city called Arequipa. He has been on his mission for about 9 months. He is a great person and a greater missionary.

The ward I’m in is Parajes del Sur. It is a big area so there are two companionships. The ward is big but full of less and inactive members. The ward is really weak but that’s part of why we are here.

This is what the area is like: imagine a desert and that’s all this area is a desert. This whole city is a desert but my area is a little more because it’s on the outskirts of the city. It’s very similar to the area of Tierra Nueva.

I think my President sends me here because I am one of the only missionaries that won’t complain about the area.

Let me tell you about two foods that I will be perfectly content with if I never eat in my life again.

First, chili rellenos. They are big peppers filled with cheese deep fried in egg. Just imagine eating that and then walking in the sun.

Second, nopales just imagine eating a cactus and that’s basically the same as nopales.

Sorry for not sending an update last week. It was just a rough week and didn’t have too much to say.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to give a talk. I spoke about humility.

A quick invitation, I invite all to read in Luke 22. How can we be like Him?

The last thing, I would like to share with you all is this quote from the last conference that said "el sepulcre ya esta vacio, el vive" (the tomb is empty, he lives) that is my testimony to you all today.

Always remember that!

-E. Reynolds


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