May 12, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Espinosa

Feliz dia de las madres

Happy Mother’s Day,

We visited with Elder Reynolds on Mother’s Day for a few minutes. They didn’t have a really good connection or microphones so we talked and he chatted / typed. The other elders in his District were using the good computer with the microphone – He wanted to make sure they all had a chance to speak to their mothers – the longest serving has only been out 4 months. He has been serving in Tierra Nueva for close to 6 months.

We had about 20 minutes of him typing and about 30 minutes where he was able to be on the computer with the microphone about 90 minutes later.

He is feeling that he will be transferred this upcoming transfers.

Some highlights of the conversation
- He eats habanero chilies
- There are lots of dogs in Juarez – and you have to fight them off to get to lessons
- He loves the people! – every place he goes they want to feed them, and since it is rude to decline they eat a lot.
- He likes to use stories from Alma in the Book of Mormon when he is teaching.
- They get help doing laundry – sisters in the ward assist
- He has really grown a lot, he wasn’t one to go out of his way to speak to people, now he speaks to everyone they come across.
- He misses home, especially the spring time in the valley, it went straight to summer in Juarez.
- He loves his mission, it is the best decision he has made
- He had a rough week, quite a few investigators dropped, but they ended the week with a baptism!

I’m sure I forgot the best parts of his conversation. He has an accent – he has trouble remembering English words, he couldn’t remember the word for border (frontera). They can see Texas from his area. An appointment called him in the middle of our chat – he just rattled away in Spanish with them. He is dreaming in Spanish!

He loves and appreciates everyone. He wishes all the sisters a Feliz dia de las madres!


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