April 30, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Espinosa

Cuidado: menudo es peligroso

Just a quick translation the subject says: WARNING: Menudo is dangerous.

Now let me give you some knowledge about this. I have about 15 months in the mission. My whole mission I have heard about this dish that they make here called Menudo. Every missionary has tried it in their first few cycles except me. So I get a phone call from the other elders and they tell me they have Menudo at their house!

They also tell me they wanted to drop some off for me and my comp. So of course I said yes!

Side note: Menudo is made with the stomach of a pig. This was made with the stomach of a cow.

Okay, so we have our dinner and I’m eating while my companion is changing. I finish my first plate, and I get a distressed call from Elder Tenney who quickly tells me that Elder Martinez is throwing up.

With that great information I knew it was only a matter of time before Menudo takes her second victim (me).

Then I remembered something, I’m a missionary! Which means I have a companion who holds the Melchizedek priesthood! So I quickly asked for a blessing.

Moral of the story. Menudo is really, really good and at the same time really, really bad and Priesthood blessings are powerful.

President Russel M. Nelson talked about blessing the home, as priesthood holders we have the duty to bless our homes and everyone in it. In doing so our homes and family can be better protected from the daily temptations.

I know this is a short email with a short message but we are going to the Zoo today so got to email muy rapido ajaj!

Cuidense todos !

-E. Reynolds


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