April 23, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Espinosa

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Before I continue on with my email today I would like to wish a happy birthday to my amazing father who turned 49 and 12 months this last week!

Feliz cumpleaños pa, te amo mucho cuídate muchísimo!

Okay. well we are teaching someone new. Her name is Jazmin Sanchez, she 15 and was actually a reference from one of the youth in our ward. We went to go talk with her and well her parents didn't even want us to pass the gate. We finally got communication with her and have been holding our lessons in the chapel with our ward mission leader and her amiga that is a member. The lessons are amazing and she is so happy to learn more about the gospel. She comes from a Christian background so she has a good understanding of the principles of the gospel. We are planning on inviting her to be baptized in our next lesson. We just need to break the ice with her parents so they can give us the OKAY. It’s amazing to see how spiritually prepared the youth are.

Elder Neil L Anderson has made it clear that there is an urgency to find and baptize the converted youth of today. That has been our focus for these past few weeks!

We had our Stake Conference yesterday and our President (of the mission) had the chance to talk to the stake. This man is truly called of God. I can testify of that. He shared a few things, but the things that stuck out to me the most were the references to the same chapter in the Book of Mormon. Probably my favorite of all, 3 Nephi 11 (, specifically he referenced the 14th and 15th verses and after referred to the verses that followed.

How important is the chapter?

In many instances in my mission I have had conversations with people who had a lot of doubts or questions about the Book of Mormon. What I’ve learned is to simply hand them a Book of Mormon with the 11th chapter of the 3 Nephi marked with a card that says "pray". I always like to share my quiet testimony of this chapter in these moments. That I know the power that is in there verses. I know it can change lives. It has changed mine. Read and know for yourself. I invite all to do the same. Well to all who read this email jaja.

Anyway that’s what’s happening in the X.

cuidense todos!

-E. Reynolds

p.s. shout out to my grandma! Just got you Christmas package and I loved it!


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