April 16, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Espinosa

Nueva en Tierra Nueva

Week one finished!

Little update in Tierra Nueva. I thought I was getting Elder Espinosa from Chiapas but I got Elder Espinosa from Veracruz! Funny mix up. Anyway for our district we have Elder Tenney, Elder Martinez, Elder Espinosa, y yo. Haha

It’s a great group of missionaries and I am happy so see how we will all do here. The funniest part about this all is I have more time in Tierra Nueva district alone than they have being on their missions. Elder Martinez and Elder Espinosa just finished there training. Elder Tenney is still in training. Good news is that means they are ready to work!

Juarez is getting hot. So that’s happening again. I’m not really looking forward to it but I am looking forward to all the free bottled water! That’s always a plus here in Juarez. Many of the people see two missionaries walking in the heat and from what you can imagine, they take pity on us and offer us all the water and snacks that we can hold! This means that contacting people is rewarding spiritually and temporally!

A quick update on some investigators! Juana is getting baptized! She has been investigating the church for two years! She has been having some struggles with getting divorced so she can get married. Now after nearly 720 days of battling with lawyers she is now waiting to get the final paper needed for her divorce. She told us the day she has that paper in her hand she is going to the civil offices and will be married within hours so she can be baptized that weekend. The faith in this sister is indescribable. Two years of prayers are being answered. She is truly an amazing sister.

Sorry for the short email but thank you to everyone back home sending me there support!

cuidense todos!

-E. Reynolds


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