April 2, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Que Profeta


I think Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said it well when he said “what a Prophet.” I think it’s safe to say that this conference was definitely one to remember. This was truly an amazing and memorable conference. Isn’t it amazing to have a modern day prophet to direct us during this time in the world? There was a lot of things that I liked about the general conference. There were some new things and a few changes. The conference was broadcasted in Spanish and I understand and can speak Spanish but even with that being said I still had a few questions about the changes that were made. jaja. I know that these have been inspired of God and am happy to follow the guidance of our Prophet. I will probably talk about conference for the next few weeks so I’ll have to split up all the thoughts that are going around in my head!

One thing that I liked that was said by Elder Uchtdorf when he talked about the Atonement. He said “this man (Jesus) was the only one who had no debt to justice.” So He could be the only one to pay for ours, and He did. He paid for every single one of our sins so that we can stand spotless before God. He continues to talk about the other aspects of the atonement but this is what I loved about his talk.

In other news about our área we were able to have another baptism this week! The familia Rojo. It was just the father and the mother but it was truly an amazing service. They were unbelievably happy. Hermano Rojo has shown a lot of faith during this time of preparation for his baptism. I’m excited to see him grow even more.

Thanks to everyone at home and I hope you all had a beautiful Easter Sunday

Cuídense todo.

Remember ¨the tomb is empty, He lives.¨

-E. Reynolds


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