March 26, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Guero en el Sol

Good news!

The wind has calmed down and there is less dirt floating around in the air. Bad news the sun has come out. My poor guero skin is suffering. Don’t worry though we have permission to wear these really "cool" straw hats that make us look like little Menonitos! Yeah, but really the heat here hasn't gotten too bad here but it’s the sun rays that are killing us ... even my companion is putting on a ton of sunblock and he is from Mexico City!

In other news from the X, well they had this huge celebration at this monument in Juarez that gives it the nick-name el X because ... well it is a giant X … jaja but this celebration was for none other than Goku. The last episodes of Dragon ball-super played there. I know many of you are like wow that sounds super nerdy but here in Mexico they take their Dragon Ball very, very serious. Like the way we treat NFL and the superbowl they treat Dragon ball. EVERYONE loves it. (don’t worry we didn’t go we have lessons to be teaching!).

Juan Hernandez was baptized and confirmed this last Saturday and Sunday. He was super shy so we didn't have too many people come but we had all his friends from the ward and the other missionaries. It was small but special. He was so happy it’s amazing to see the progress he has made. He will be a blessing to others and especially his family.

During the sacrament meeting this Sunday I was reading one of my favorite hymns Acompáñame (Abide With Me) It has a line that I liked, it said "en sol o en sombra, acompáñame" (Thru cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me!) I was thinking about how we can do to be worthy of the companionship of the Lord. So, I was reading a reference in Juan 15:12 and it talked about loving one another as Jesus loves us. For me this is the only way we can have his companionship. Through love. When we love we obey and when we obey we receive the guidance from above and the blessings we so desire. I’ve seen it in my life and know it’s evident in the life of others.

Anyway, thanks for all those back home supporting me love you all.

Cuídense Todos!

-E. Reynolds


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