March 19, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Feliz Perro


Does anyone know what happens when you have really strong wind in the dessert? A lot of dirt. Not just regular dirt, Juarez dirt. This dirt is unlike any other. This dirt has trash, sewer, and a lot of dead dogs. When it hits your skin it feels like a thousand needles!

With that being said . . . it was an amazing week this week! We were happy to see Juan in the church this week and he is preparing for his baptism this week! We had a good lesson with him this last week and he came to the conclusion that he was done making excuses and was ready to quit all his addictions, so that he could be ready to be baptized and confirmed!

Along with Juan we have another investigator going to the waters this week. Her name is Maria Luisa (Shout out to AnnaMarie Louise). Anyway, she's great! very focused on learning more about her Savior! I don't know if I’ve told anyone about her yet but she's the investigator that we found in church . . . she just kind of walked in jaja. She had attended one time with her grandson in Chihuahua and wanted to go again. She is super excited about this Saturday. So, yeah planning on a great week this week.

Okay so there was something that I heard and liked a lot this week. Our ward mission leader compared a mission to a canvas being painted.

I made my own interpretation.

We can compare our lives to a canvas... when we paint we can sit and "doodle" for a while as we figure out what we want to paint. Sometimes we feel like that in our lives. Unsure as to what we want, or where we want to go in our lives. Eventually, we will have to fill in the paint. Start on our masterpiece. This will be the point in our life when we decide how we want to live it. Along the way there will be mistakes but none that can't be fixed until the final day when we can present this masterpiece to the one who gave us the canvas. How beautiful will be that day? My question for those who read these. When will we start filling in our paint? Will we leave mistakes uncorrected? How will we feel presenting this painting? These have been questions I’ve pondered a lot. If we stay faithful and exercise the atonement in our own lives we will be able to finish with beautiful works of art! I l know it. I teach it!

Thanks for all the support from across the border!

Cuidense todos!

-E. Reynolds
PS - Elder Tenney and Valladares have moved to their own apartment - but still serve in the same ward.


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