March 12, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Imperio Pizza


Don't worry still here just couldn't get to write a letter last week! I’m here now and I guess I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on in Mexico!

We have a new missionary in our district, Elder Tenney. He's from California. He really doesn't say much the only information I’ve gotten out of him is that he is the second to last of 11 brothers and sisters. That sounds like a strong Mormon family JAJA. He's a great missionary and is working hard but seriously . . . He doesn't talk.

Anyway, this week we got a new ward missionary leader who is very very excited to get to work! He accompanied us on three lessons in one day! (Just a little side note here, lessons with members ARE powerful, go and help the work).

There was a specific lesson that was great. It was with a family, familia Rojo. We didn't share much just a lesson about the Sabbath Day. The spirit in this lesson was undeniable. I felt it. My companion felt it and I know that the family felt it, and it showed when Sunday came. Yesterday, it was pouring rain in the morning and the time changed so everyone "lost" an hour but this faithful brother with his family walked a mile just so he could attend with us. This made my week. This family has a baptismal date for the 24th.

Thanks for the support from home. Just so everyone knows. Yes, I get the messages and emails from everyone! and yes, they give me the best feeling in the world. Sorry I don’t get to respond to all but I just want those who have been sending me emails that they are a huge help out here!

Cuídense todos!

-E. Reynolds

Pic - Imperio Pizza - a p-day thing - he forgot to bring his camera to the cyber so . . .


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