January 29, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Happy Domingo

He actually came! He came to church!
Okay so I’m not sure if you remember when I talked about Juan Hernández last week and how we were finally seeing progression in him, well ... he came to church and he brought his son with him! Might have been the happiest day I’ve had in this area.
For those of you who don’t remember I live in Tierra Nueva and this is a very poor area in the mission. So no one has cars and to make it more difficult the chapel is built super far away from everything and to get there for the average person is about an hour walk. With that being said having Juan walk on his own to church was awesome! He has a baptismal date for this month we are just working with him on the Word of Wisdom!
In other news … the two other missionaries that live in our house with us got sick ... which is a no go with me and my companion so we like quarantined these two young bloods and prayed for a quick return of health. They are doing better now but I’m still keeping my eye on them ... Elder Ortega and I are seeing progress in our area and we don’t want anything to slow us down.
Anyway big thanks to those at home!
Cuidese todo!
E. Reynolds


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