January 22, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Enero en Juarez


This was a really good week this week and I have no idea why! This was just a normal week it just seemed to be a little bit better! I’ll just tell you some of the highlights.

We have an investigator, Juan Hernandez, he is really nice guy about 45 years old and lives alone and away from family. At first we thought he just was having us come over so he could have someone to talk to. We found out something amazing! This week, he´s actually reading the Book of Mormon! Maybe only missionaries will understand this but he actually opened the book and read when we weren’t in the house!

We give out tons of Books of Mormons and tons of people promise to read but they always give us reason why they can´t like 'work was super busy', or 'I’ve been so tired' or my favorite 'sorry I lost my glasses this week'.

When you find out an investigator is reading you get really excited. He had a few questions like who is Nephi and why are his brother’s super jerks to him. jaja It was definitely one of the best parts of this week.

Another highlight Gaspar and Silvia are investigators who have been receiving the lessons for about 2 years now who do basically everything they need to do to progress with the exception of baptism. Guess what! They accepted a baptismal date for February.

That is some of the big highlights of this week!

Side note me and my comp found out that the sunsets and well basically everything here at night looks beautiful. So I’ll be sending some pics of that!

Cuídese todo!

-E. Reynolds


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