January 15, 2018


Tierra Nueva Ward


Elder Ortega

Loma Blanca - White Hill


This week was a long one and I’m not even sure why. Maybe it’s because we have a greenie here who is stressing about his first changes jaja! Anyway, we got the changes last night and looks like the Tierra Nueva district will be staying the same which is a little weird because everyone in my district will be on the 3 or 4 cycle here, but no complaints this is one of my favorite areas with some of my favorite Elderes.

At the request of my dad I am going to try and put a little more detail about who I’m teaching! Familia Nieve: actually really funny how we met them we were on a routa (bus) headed to Loma Blanca (a colony way out in the middle of nowhere, but in our area). We were just sitting there when Blanca (madre - mother) and Jaquilin (hija - daughter) came up to us and started talking to us. It turns out Jaquilin and her sister live in Qualllia (some place in Mexico) with their grandma and they were baptized there. The mother and three other sisters only heard a little about the church but with the encouragement of Jaquilin she decided to talk to us and invite us over to teach! It’s not every day a missionary gets contacted by the investigator. The family is very accepting and loves everything about the church the Blanca and her two other kids have baptismal dates in February!

Joci: Joci’s awesome she's a mother of 3 but only one lives in the house and she is what we like to say oro (gold). My companion contacted her the last cycle with his other companion. It turns out she has a sister in Independencia (the barrio (ward) that shares our chapel) she is probably the most enthusiastic investigator. She asked us in the second lesson if the baptismal fount was going to be filled with hot or cold water... she didn’t even have a baptismal date! She also has a husband who was skeptical at first but he went on a church tour with us so we are seeing progression there.

We have a few more families but these are this big ones who we are seeing the most progression this semana! (Week) hope to be able to tell you more next week!

Thanks to everyone at home and everyone that writes me! Much appreciated!

cuidese todo

-E. Reynolds

PS: A side note for those that are about to put in your missionary papers. There will be 1,000,000 reasons to not submit them or to postpone the mission, but there is one reason why you should serve that is greater than all the others. God wants and needs you in this work, not only him but there are those waiting to hear your voice, your spirit and your testimony. God trust us with his children, we should always work hard to be worthy of that trust.


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